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Heavy equipment rental services

Since the establishment of the company, heavy equipment rental service has been one of our most important services to supply the local market and customers with heavy construction equipment for rent. Our long experience, quality services, wide range of equipment, and competitive prices have proven our success in this field.

Flooring and parking lot services

The company also provides flooring and parking lot services, where we use the latest equipment to ensure that the parking lots are properly designed. Road paving works: Road paving is one of the works that must be carried out properly to meet international specifications. The company uses the latest methods, modern equipment, and safety measures to avoid any future mistakes.

Road paving works

The process of paving roads is one of the works that must be carried out in accordance with international specifications, as the company uses the latest methods, modern means and safety methods in order to avoid any mistakes in the future.

Asphalt works

Asphalt works require careful construction to avoid cracking and breaking in the future. Ironworks: Ironworks are one of the specialties that the company excels in, as it is one of the hardest professions. Therefore, we have highly skilled technicians capable of executing any project, no matter how complex.

Blacksmithing works

Among the specialties that are distinguished by the company is blacksmithing, which is one of the most difficult professions, so we have technicians at the highest level who are able to implement any project, whatever it may be.

Carpentry works

The main wooden works complete any interior design. Carpentry works are carried out by skilled carpenters who perform various tasks specified in each project.

Labor leasing

We provide what our client needs in terms of manpower in all specializations for all sectors, whether governmental or the private sector, and we provide manpower in all specializations and nationalities.

Who we are

Sami Farhan General Contracting Company is a leading contracting company operating in the Saudi market for many years of excellence, with many distinguished projects. Throughout these years, the company has set a clear goal of creating a unique institutional entity that complies with international standards to achieve a high-quality leap in the field of contracting. We work to create unconventional ideas and implement stunning architectural designs, directing all our energies and experiences towards satisfying our customers to be their first choice.

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